Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year

and now for my first post of 2009.. also the first time since the break that I've tried creating a bit o art work. Although it's not my fault for slacking so much since I recently had back surgery which i can see being a huge pain in the ass once school starts up again since I still have over 3 months of recovery to go :S Anyways, now for the painting.


Andrew Murray said...

*sips more tea from boston cup*

mmm good tea.

Hopefully you wont be getting me to do much stuff for you. Can you move any faster yet? I finished off the rest of that Jam in the fridge....sorry.

Thomps said...

Well uhh seeing how you've been drinking out of my cup and ate all of my homemade jam I'll make damn sure you're my bitch for the next three months. Anyways go watch kenny vs spenny who do disabled people like more. The dodgeball scene is something else.

C.B. Canga said...

nice drawings here

Mitch K said...

Geeze! I hope you have a swift recovery, bud!

Oh yea, nice drawrings. :D

Zaff said...

cool job !