Monday, January 19, 2009

Digi Painting

I would probably consider this my first real effort toward digital painting, everything else before this has more so been me playing around with different brush settings. That being said there's still plenty for me to learn. I've also added some mini concept sketches n' such to go along with the final painting.

*made a minor edit to the main image. Turns out it was blindingly bright when viewing the image afterward on my monitor rather then my Cintiq.*


Adamdraws said...

Looking good man, you seem to be taking steps in the right direction. I am also trying to learn how to Digi paint and its hard as hell man. What kind of brushes and stuff are you using.

Thomps said...

thanks adam. as for brushes n' such that I use; all I used was the round bristle brush under thick heavy brushes. As for the settings under the brush I had selected dynamics, and other dynamics, with pen pressure being the judge of opacity, flow, and thickness.