Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Zombie love?

Just a sketch i did in the airport waiting to fly back here to St. John's for a so called spring break.. anywho I colored it this morning at work while waiting to wake up.. although I'm still not awake but meh.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pink Panther zombie BG

This is the BG for my pink panther walk cycle and it fits his walk perfectly! When viewing this in after effects there is pleanty of layers on the movie.. about 9 or 10 layers at that to make damn sure it's nice n' eery. Once I have my cleaned up version of that damn panther finished I'll post the animation.

duck duck goose?

Holy jeebus.. yet another post on my blog. man am I on a roll or what?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hey hottie police officer

this would be a drawing I did just moments ago using pastels.
I didn't exactly do the greatest job in the world with the face but it was rather difficult to pull off small subtle details with such large sticks of pastel. So i ended up messing it up a bit :S anywho enjoy!

Paint meet Pastels

Well these are in class and out of class assignments that I've been working on. The landscape-esqu type one was the last assignment we worked on, and done gouache. There is a second painting to go along with this one but i'm going to redo it. I'm gonna do a bit more with the one shown here too.

Then we have a couple in class still life "paintings" per say that I did today. The time taken to do each one of these would have to be somewhere between 35-45 minutes? As per usual though I didn't really listen to the guidlines (those being our still life studies to be done using paint) and instead went with pastels mainly because I didn't feel like busting out my paints. Plus for the out of class still life assignment we have to do I feel like using pastels anyway; so it seemed like the perfect oppratunity to see if i was feeling them or not.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sketchbook Dump

SO I'm about due to add something new up here that doesn't involve extra life drawings. so here's a few things in my sketchbook. mainly ideas for assignments we're doing in school with the odd drawing of a female here n' there to keep things interesting.

I was going to do a rhino for our latest character design assignment. I was feeling the side view but when I was trying to figure out how he'd look from the front nothing was really working for me. so I moved onto a bear.

Oh and somehow while drawing front views of my rhino concept the face of a female found its way onto my page along with a female body.

And now for my bear concept. I wanted to go with a semi realistic character but in the end I kept it simple.

Just some drawings of the different muscles found on the back before I headed off to extra life one evening.

Some drawings / different ways to approach head rotations of a couple characters I was going to do for our latest animation assignment. In the end I scraped both Hellboy and the Mad Hatter umongst many many many other characters.

Just a simple concept for the island for my most recent storyboard assignment titles "Ship Wrecked" no this ingenious title didn't come from my noggin, but from the outline we have to follow for the assignment. (again a female has found her way into my sketchbook.. )

Some sketches of my bear doing his thing.. that being walking to a table.. sitting down.. grabbing a cup... and then drinking from it..

Friday, February 09, 2007

Mad Real Life Drawings

Need I say more? They're mad real!

Here be a couple o' 30 second drawings

Here's a bunch of 1 minutes

A couple 3's

Here be some 5's

Punk Bitches

All right so a certain somebody has been up my ass to post the drawings Mark Thurman did of the muscles in the upper leg from class a couple weeks ago. So here they are ya bunch a cunts.. and by cunts i mean fun loving people. enjoy :)