Monday, February 12, 2007

Sketchbook Dump

SO I'm about due to add something new up here that doesn't involve extra life drawings. so here's a few things in my sketchbook. mainly ideas for assignments we're doing in school with the odd drawing of a female here n' there to keep things interesting.

I was going to do a rhino for our latest character design assignment. I was feeling the side view but when I was trying to figure out how he'd look from the front nothing was really working for me. so I moved onto a bear.

Oh and somehow while drawing front views of my rhino concept the face of a female found its way onto my page along with a female body.

And now for my bear concept. I wanted to go with a semi realistic character but in the end I kept it simple.

Just some drawings of the different muscles found on the back before I headed off to extra life one evening.

Some drawings / different ways to approach head rotations of a couple characters I was going to do for our latest animation assignment. In the end I scraped both Hellboy and the Mad Hatter umongst many many many other characters.

Just a simple concept for the island for my most recent storyboard assignment titles "Ship Wrecked" no this ingenious title didn't come from my noggin, but from the outline we have to follow for the assignment. (again a female has found her way into my sketchbook.. )

Some sketches of my bear doing his thing.. that being walking to a table.. sitting down.. grabbing a cup... and then drinking from it..

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