Friday, August 11, 2006

Other old ish...

These are a couple of designs I did last summer.. "The + Sum" was used as a poster to advertise for a local video premier, and ODC was supposed to be used on Crafty's CD album cover but things changed and never did end up getting used. He liked the design a lot and would have used it as the main logo but what odds (if you look at it for more then a second you'll notice it has a pac man theme to it). You can hear a couple of his beats on ( i tend to listen to the album when at life drawing, it does wonders ;) )

Old Ish...

I was lookin through photos and found a 10 min life drawing that I used in my animation portfolio as well as the 2nd view of my room at the time. When I get back Oakville in less then2 weeks I'm gonna post some of my other life drawings along with some other things I did for the portfolio including my character design.

Giraffe #2

So I said I wasn't doing any more character design and so far i've kept my word. I drew this picture a few weeks ago but i decided to color it tonight for something to do so here's another drawing of the giraffe due to his orrr her popularity.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What do the 5 fingers say to the face??

SLAP!!! Ok so, my character designs are quite shitty soo I've stopped trying to design characters until classes start in september and I'm putting my efforts into life drawing I guess; although I haven't been drawing people going about their business, for now I'm just drawing hands and so far this is what I've got. I really don't like most of these drawings so feel free to tell me where I need improvement (it seems like I'm missing some important lines but I just don't see them yet). Oh these have all been posted in order as I had drawn them to show some signs of progression on my own part.