Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Paint meet Pastels

Well these are in class and out of class assignments that I've been working on. The landscape-esqu type one was the last assignment we worked on, and done gouache. There is a second painting to go along with this one but i'm going to redo it. I'm gonna do a bit more with the one shown here too.

Then we have a couple in class still life "paintings" per say that I did today. The time taken to do each one of these would have to be somewhere between 35-45 minutes? As per usual though I didn't really listen to the guidlines (those being our still life studies to be done using paint) and instead went with pastels mainly because I didn't feel like busting out my paints. Plus for the out of class still life assignment we have to do I feel like using pastels anyway; so it seemed like the perfect oppratunity to see if i was feeling them or not.

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