Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rough Fortress

This is a more developed version of my fortress drawing that was done for layout class since it now has to be used in painting; and since I love our panting class I have put a lot more time into it now. (the fortress is still the same but the foreground has had a huge makeover) On that note there will be some refinements on the fortress itself too. Again this is rough and I'll be working on a much cleaner version tonight and hopefully have some tonal studies done as well. So hopefully there will be more to come of this real soon.

This post has now been updated with a newer version. tonals can finally commence!


Andrew Murray said...

Hey there Scissor sister! lol

I like your fortress. mmmm it looks delicious! lol but really it looks sweet, you should do some colour studies with it.

Adam said...

I'm really impressed man, that is a sweet layout.