Monday, November 19, 2007

Most Hilarious Comb Over ever...!

Well this is not art related but it's too funny not to share with the rest of the world.

The story goes a little something like this! First off this all takes place on a chilly Sunday evening in the Oakville Shopping Mall. As per usual Braden, Lorenzo and myself had met up in the food court near the bathrooms where attractive females seem to vanish. The three of us often wonder what happens to them, but instead of going to find out we just sit there and wait in hope that they'll be back like any true creep. Perhaps one of these days we'll actually venture into the bathrooms and discover where all these beautiful women have gone. But for now we will just agree that wherever they do happen to go, it's a place we'd all like to see for ourselves. But back to the main point behind this post. At some point in time while the three of us were slouched off in our seats drawing all the wonderful people that Oakville has to offer us there was this one lad who stuck out from the rest. The first discovery of him was founded by none other then The Amazing Action Ape!.. aka Braden (but why would anybody want to call him Braden is beyond me) After The Amazing Action Ape founded this strange lad he swiftly turns to his right to inform me, I then take a glance to the left figuring there was yet another attractive female venturing into the beyond but to my surprise it was a man.. a man with the most retarded looking comb over in history. ! Of course after seeing such a sight there was instant laughter pursued between the two of us and eventually it grew onto Lorenzo once we showed him what all the laughter was about. So while the three of us were laughing at this man who happened to be standing RIGHT beside us (because we're discrete like that) I figured it was too good to be true and snapped a picture with my cell-u-lator. A video would have been even funnier but I didn't think about doing that until hours later; And so, I now present to you the "i-don't-care-i'm-married" haircut (because somehow this son of a bitch does have a wife.. ?)


Braden said...


L.F. Addison said...

AHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! fucken hilarious!!!!! the i-dont-care-i'm-married-haircut

Andrew Murray said...

LOL, oh christ thats hilarious, i wish i was there tom tom.

that haircut looks so shit-acular!