Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Conflict And Climax

This is a storyboard assignment where we have to follow set rules as to how each of the 12 panels are used involving a line that can be used as a horizon, or maybe a line of action. Then there is the circle that is supposed to be a the focal point. The story also has to involve two characters who are in a non-verbal conflict.. thus they are out to hurt each other.. or in this case to kill one another.. Neither of the chaps in my story are good guys and just happen to be two males that don't get along. Why? I really don't know. Anyways this is what I happened to come up with. I wouldn't mind them being a bit cleaner / easier to read but since it's supposed to be an in class assignment it should be fine. Or so I hope.

1 comment:

King M. Mugabi said...

this is pretty cool

nice perspective shots
last two panels are slightly confusing,, understandable tho, it's rough

I approve