Friday, August 29, 2008

Contraty to belief

Getting jacked up on roids, throwing on spandex clothing, and drinking red bull will not give you super hero powers.. or wings for that matter.


Andrew O Murray said...

I like the red city. its awesome how he stands out SO much. I mean not just cuz hes all blue but the fact that his character is jacked up on ROIDS and REDBULL. he is what the exact oposite of what your cityscape seems like.

Mitch K said...

Chris buddy, you shouldn't be letting hooligans (like that Andrew guy) comment on other people's blogs with your account! What am I going to do with you two!? You're a melange of social menace!

Cool art, though. You should make up a superhero, and do a weekly comic!!

Thomps said...

haha sorry mitch, that whole situation was totally uncalled for and out of hand. I guess the only thing you can really do about it is come on back to the world of animation and set us straight.

I like your idea though mitch.. maybe not even a comic though, just an illustration a week of some sort of mischief or trouble he's gotten himself into. huh huh? I LIKE IT!