Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chicken Fucker / Cafe Sketes / Hudson

Soo this is a montage of a post including such things as concept ideas for the well known super villain "chicken fucker" (and the chicken coop) followed by some cafe sketches, and then things will be finished off with an incredibly awesome dog named Hudson; of whom I had the pleasure of dog sitting for a couple weeks as or recent. (poor little guy was skunked while under my supervision, but luckly I got the scent out of his skin before handing him back to his owner)


Jonathan Coit said...

On the third page, I think it was the 3rd panel with the little house on the hill. I like that shot!
Also, that is a happy happy dog.

Thomps said...

thanks jon! you're #1! i do believe you mean the 2nd panel down, but that's all right, i'll forgive. that is if you buy my meal from the keg tonight.