Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sit Boy Sit!

GOOD BOY!.. errr hell hound? who knows. I was doodling in my sketchbook today at work and decided the flavor of the day would be a wolf and this is how one of my sketches came out in the end. for whatever reason i didn't bother to throw in a 4th leg but what can ya do? there shall be more drawings of this badass son of a bitch in the very near future.


trini_girl98 said...

reminds me of hound of the baskervilles :p me likes it

Mitch K said...

He should only have three legs. Maybe he's on a hellish-search-on-earth for his fourth leg. Maybe some ol' potato-woman on pei is using it to prop up her night table. Or maybe he had his fourth leg all along, but he didn't know because some ol' wizard cursed it invisible.

Thomps said...

haha mitch you are wise on many levels. who knows.. maybe some pirate traded him his peg leg for the hellish type hounds leg. none the less i think there's some characters brewin up in that ole noggin of mine no thanks to you.