Thursday, April 19, 2007

Final Painting

this is my final painting assignment done with water colors with two overlays. one being for the character and the other for the outlines of my backround. tim was quite pleased and I too am quite happy with how it all turned out; normaly there is always something i'd want to change in my paintings but i'm content for a first in my life and have definantly found a medium i'll be playing around with a lot over the summer and surely when my 2nd year of animation begins.

unfortunantly the colors really aren't coming out nearly as well on this scanned version so it looks a lot better in person.


Letz said...

hey it looks pretty good esp with that character coilour is a bit muddy tho

Thomps said...

thanks lettie. as for the muddy color, that was my intention :P i added scratchy lines on top to bring things out, plus it helped bring the character and bg togeather.