Monday, January 08, 2007

Sketches and then some!

this is a sketch i did of the oh so pleasent guy who lives across the hall from me. Although he isn't happy at all in real life and always looks like he wants to kill somebody so I figured I'd draw him in a happy mood. He also has a pony tail and ALWAYS wears a track suit, and because of this I call him "track suit larry"

this is a quit little sketch / painting i did of a photo i found of my mom on my 3rd birthday (1987). gotta love the 80's

an idea for a painting i did over the holidays. I'll post it when I finish another paiting that I started over the holidays.

just me playing around with water color after watching the royal tenenbaums

this page and the one following it are just random things i did while on the airplane back home to st. john's for the christmas break.

this here is just some sketches of the Draenei race for the oh so addictive game World of Warcraft.

Another sketch / quick water color painting I did of an old photo I found of my dad. I guess this was from the early 80's. On the next page I did a semi characture of him that I may somehow use in character design this semester.

these next two pages are random drawings I did sitting in Pearson airport waiting to board the plane to fly me back to St. John's. There is also some drawings of people that were also waiting for planes going wherever or just arriving from flights.

and well these.. are women.. lacking in clothing as you can see.

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