Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Ok so here is some of my later life drawings from the end of the last semester. (please critique these drawings) I was hoping to have some to show from last week too but due to being sick and knowing I wouldn't be in the right mind set for life drawing I chose not to go. Although I went tonight and my drawings were pure crap but hopefully this will change by the end of next week. Anyway here they are! and again, critiques.. PLEASE! I really need to learn how to make these drawings even simpler and improve on my lineweight. (and well anything else you can see I may need improvements on)

that is one looong femur :S

really wish i had drawn this 3 minute more in the center of the page :S

the one below is a 1 minute

i didn't write down the times of the first two on the page but they were both 3 minute poses. unfortunantly for this top pose i had to try and squeeze the head in there and as you can see it obviously didn't work.

the one below is a 30 second pose.

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Bpoirier said...

hey chris man, not bad life drawings, your getting better. Try looking at the angles more when an arm is coming towards you, to really push that foreshortening feeling.