Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hyenas and Lions!

I was watching a documentary on this one group of lions who hunt one herd of Buffalo, and only that herd all year long. Although on this one page that I scanned there isn't any drawings of Buffalo to be found.. but there are a couple drawings of Hyenas that showed up in one little section of the documentary. After watching the documentary it's made me want to check out the Denver Zoo that much more, which will probably happen next week at some point. I also have a page of doodles from when I was watching an episode of Conan too.


Andrew Murray said...

is that supposed to be Slash in the bottom picture?

Thomps said...

why yes it is.. slash and conan went shopping for used guitars, quite the funny episode.

Amanda said...

Ooh, Hyenas 8)

Co-op is going really well, Boris and I'll be there till they're done with cleanup. How's yours going? You can respond on facebook if it's easier.