Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Final Layout for AA

I swear.. totally keeping this one.. I started it off trying to pull off the Samurai Jack bg style but I failed on epic proportions so I ended up just going with a style I'm used to.

ps. just looking at it a bit more and there's a fair bit that I want to change with regards to the lighting soooOOO lets just pretend this is my first version of my final AA layout.


Qbum Lee said...

I was wondering what you do with all the time you have at home while you skip classes.

looks good man.

L.F. Addison said...

there's a good lad. just maintain variation tho, as in color theory. i.e. closer warmer or cooler//complenting to further away warmer or cooler :D. i 1up from your last piece!

Thomps said...

lol, Q when have I ever skipped class? other then maybe every other day?

Thanks Mr. Addison, even though I do know that the background should be warmer, or cooler (depending on the foreground) I was trying to blend the two together, although you are right, it could use some more cooler colors in the FG to help separate the two a bit more so there will be changes made i the hopeful near future.

Oh and in response to the message you left me on MSN, I'm down for helping you out with whatever it is you're working on, although I really have no idea what i'm doing :P